Even if my body had dissolved and there was just my mouth flying around the room, it would still be

a great session.

My mouth will spellbind your brain by her potion full of creative perversion. She will bewitch your body with her little bites, kisses and warm breaths. And she will cheer your soul up with her genuine loud laughs.




I play like i dance- ecstatically, euphorically and with a liberating lightness.


I am a beautiful witch. I will bewitch you with my marvelous fingers, palms, legs and feet and all kinds of beautifully crafted toys. I will trick and seduce you with my charming character full of humor and playfulness. My innocent yet cruel smiles and laughter will put you under my spell. And before you even realize- you will find yourself

becoming mine.


My name, Dolores, is inspired by a vivid character from Nabokov's book Lolita.


Dolores/Lolita is a little underaged girl which is extremely aware of her charms. She has long legs and cute smiles just as i do. Main character, Humbert, guy in his fifties, can’t help himself but fall for her. She knows about his loving helplessness very well and toys with him as she likes.


Such theme is attractively tabu and it fills my perverted mind with fantasies. 

I can definitely feel the little lascivious Lolita is living, loving and laughing inside of me.

Full presence is the key.

I’m not going to count every minute, hoping to finish as soon as possible. I am an authentic playmate full of genuine desire to connect our bodies and minds.


And I am ready to fully express and explore whatever comes up. I will hold the space for you to open up and let your inner lustful, tender, wild and playful being out.


Let’s surrender to the flow and create our own kinky magic together!

If you treat me right, you can experience owning me as a magically attractive slave absolutely devoted to your

dirty mind.

I can get into a very natural flow of switching from a mean domina to an innocent slut passionately waiting for your body to overtake mine. After i have used you, I’m more than ready to pay off the bills.

I’m excited to surrender to experienced dominas and doms as well as to curious beginners. It is a great honour for me to accompany you on your new exciting journey towards discovering your dominant self. 

Your respect and communication makes me feel safe and I am outstandingly good at expressing it. My feeling of safety and trust will create a safe space for you to let your inner powerful charming Dom(ina) out.


Please, feel very free to share your most twisted fantasies with me. My mind is as open as my legs. ;)